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Extended DISC Assessments

Carl Jung said “your personality is earned, you have not received it as a gift”.


We have all made ourselves what we are. Already in our childhood our parents, relatives and friends have done their best to help us form our own personalities. We have, however psychologically made all the decisions concerning the formation of our personalities by ourselves. Most of those decisions have been made in our sub conscious mind without us actually ever realizing them. This is the reason why we are not always aware of the whole potential our personality provides us with.

Extended DISC Assessments

Extended DISC System helps in that long and fascinating journey towards the inner self.


We offer Extended DISC assessments and consultations for conducting:

Personal Analyses
Work Pair Analyses
Team Analyses


You can leverage DISC assessments for your:

Leadership/ Senior Management/ Functional Heads
Hi Potentials and Managers


You can leverage the reports for taking various decisions such as:

Hiring Decisions
Succession Management Decisions
Training Needs Identification
Team Formation/ Fitment


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