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EffectoryEffectory is Europe’s largest employee survey specialist, conducting over 600 surveys each year, and is available in India through India Talent Services since 2012. Our clients are given the opportunity to identify the attitudinal drivers of organisational performance. In doing so, they determine exactly how their workforce most contributes to, and drives business outcomes.


Effectory’s approach is based on improvement, development and action planning. We are specialists in the field of staff survey (attitudinal research) and our clients benefit from advanced practice and extensive benchmark capabilities. The information we deliver is clear, to the point, confronting and stimulates immediate improvement. Effectory’s tried and tested attitudinal model goes further than others to address all known employee drivers of organisational performance.


Our dedicated and professional team is highly engaged and determined to make your survey a success, deliver the greatest return on investment and to facilitate your organisation becoming more successful and recognisable as an employer of choice.